Weight on Other Planets

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What's it like to walk on another planet?

Weight on Other Planets

Gravity varies on each of the planets in the Solar System. Everyone is familiar with what gravity is like on Earth, but what about the other planets and moons? On Earth's moon, the gravity is 1/6 that of Earth's. That means you can jump six times as far on the Moon. On Mars, the gravity is roughly 1/3 that of Earth's. On Jupiter, the gravity is 254 percent more than Earth's, so people would have a really hard time moving around. An 80-pound child would weigh 13 pounds on the Moon, but would weigh 189 pounds on Jupiter! To imagine what it's like to “walk” on other planets, put a CD on and dance! An adult can control the speed of the music so that children can jump fast like they're on Mars. Then, the adult can slow down the music so children can simulate walking slow, like on Jupiter.



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