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Does Celestron make professional telescopes?

Celestron Telescopes For Professionals

Yes, in addition to its wide range of affordably priced telescopes for hobbyists, Celestron also offers professional grade telescopes. These telescopes are priced beyond the reach of the average consumer, and contain observatory grade options for use by professional astronomers and research institutions. These telescopes feature computer guidance systems that sychronize with GPS satellites to accurrately hone in on celestial bodies and track them throughout the night sky. The telescopes offer aperature sizes of over ten inches, all the way up to the C20 Astrograph, which features a twenty inch aperature. These telescopes also feature motorized mounts and cooling systems.

Does Celestron produce other kinds of optics?

Celestrong Optics

Celestron produces a variety of optics outside of its well known range of telescopes. The company produces high quality binoculars for sportsment, bird watchers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. If you're photographer in need of long range digital optics, Celestron produces a line of binoculars with built in high quality digital cameras. The company also produces spotting scopes for use in hunting and telephoto photography. Finally, Celestron also produces a range of microscopes for medical and other scientific use.

Where can I purchase Celestron telescopes?

Purchasing Celestron Telescopes

If you're looking to purchase a Celestron telescope, there are numerous opportunities to do so both online and in person. If you feel more comfortable purchasing a Celestron telescope in person, then you can use the dealer locator at to find the dealer that is closest to you. If you wish to purchase a Celestron telescope online, then there are a number of online retailers that carry the full line of Celestron telescopes. Websites such as Scope City, Astronomics, and Adorama offer online sales of Celestron telescopes.

Does Celestron make telescopes for hobbyists?

Celestron Telescopes For Hobbyists

Yes, Celestron carries several lines of telescopes that target casual astonomy enthusiasts, first time telescope buyers, and dedicated hobbyists. Celestrons Explorascope and Powerseeker series of telescopes offer affordable, functional telescopes for the casual hobby astronomer. The telescopes come with tripod mounts and carrying cases. Celestron's Firstscope series is designed for first-time telescope buyers -- the telescopes are state of the art, but still affordable and easy to use. The Starhopper series, and the advanced, CGE, and GPS series of Celestron telescopes offer incredible optics for hobbyists who are willing to pay the price.

What are some of the features of Celestron telescopes?

Features of Celestron Telescopes

The Celestron line of telescopes is huge; meaning that a wide array of features are offered by the company. All makes and models of Celestron telescopes offer top of the line optics -- no matter what the cost. With cost; however, you can obtain an amazing number of options. Celestron makes several series of telescopes that feature computer location and tracking of celestial objects. These options are enhanced on some of Celestron's models with the added feature of GPS tracking -- this way, your telescope automatically figures out its location on earth, so that it can accurrately and automatically focus on celestial bodies. Lastly, Celestron's top of the line telescopes feature observatory grade optics, mounts, and electronics, providing you with celestial viewing of incredible quality.

What is the average price range for a Celestron telescope?

Price Ranges For Celestron Telescopes

Celestron produces high quality optics -- so be willing to pay some hefty prices for their high end telescopes. If you're interested in buying from their Explorascope and Powerseeker series of telescopes, then you will probably be able to find a telescope for less than $150. Telescopes from the Firstscope series, a quality choice for hobbyists, will run you between $150 and $300 depending on the size, power, and mount of the telescope. The Starhopper series is the next most expensive group of telescopes, topping out at close to $500 for the top of the line model. After that, Celestron's telescopes increase steeply in price, ranging in to the thousands of dollars. A Celestron telescope with computer tracking and a GPS system easily costs several thousand dollars, and Celestron professional sized models can cost over $10000.

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