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Did Einstein have any theories other than relativity and E=mc squared?

New Matter at Low Temperature

A lesser known theory of Einstein involved the formation of new matter. His theory was that if atoms were cooled enough, the atoms would 'freeze' into a new state of matter. This state of matter was hypothesized to be more compact than a solid. True to form, this theory became fact in 1995, when physicists at the University of Colorado created this new matter in a carrot-size tube in their laboratory.

What´s the difference between General and Special Relativity?

General vs. Special Relativity

Albert Einstein's General and Special Relativity Theories both stem from a common presumption that space-time is not static. Special Relativity says that all objects traveling at speeds approaching that of light will distort in mass and length, and time will slow. The General Theory attempts to define gravity as a warp in space-time, rather than a force.

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