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What is an astrolabe and how do I make one?


An Astrolabe is a scientific instrument used to measure altitude, including the height of objects. It is commonly used to find sunrise/sunset times and celestial positions. You can make your own simple astrolabe by following the link above.

Are image stabilized binoculars useful for stargazing?

Image Stabilized Binoculars

Some of the best astronomic viewing can be done with Image Stabilized binoculars. A Binocular like the Canon 18x50 binocular is a wonderful tool. You can see images over 900 million miles away like the rings arround satern and the moons of Jupiter.

I want to learn the constellations. Where do I begin?

Starting out

Stargazing can be an enjoyable pastime, if you know where to start. The Big Dipper, in the constellation Ursa Major, is a common starting point. Commonly found in the northeast or northwest portion of the sky, this bowl-shaped constellation can be used to find many other star formations. Just don't forget to look for the handle--imagine a ladle and you'll find it quickly.

I want to fly! Are there any flight simulators on-line?

Virtual Orbit

You'll find yourself getting dizzy in this real-world simulation. Strap yourself in the VRML environment and take the helm. You can place yourself anywhere in the universe, at any time. It's the closest thing to working for NASA you'll get without a degree.

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