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Did Einstein ever regret any of his theories?

Nobody's Perfect...?

Albert Einstein, the ultimate genius, apparently left his brain on the mantle when trying to assert his view of a "static", or unmoving, universe. The Cosmological Constant he added to his equations he later admitted was his 'greatest blunder'. Or was it? A new theory raises the possibility that Einstein's constant wasn't such a bad idea.

Didn´t Galileo Galilei invent the telescope?

And here are the stars, Galileo!

Galileo did not invent the telescope, as is thought by many. Rather, a Dutch spectacle maker by the name of Hans Lippershey is touted as the person who built the first telescope. So, why don't we have any Lippershey telescopes today? Because he couldn't keep a secret. Word got around to a specific Galileo Galilei, he imitated the invention and took it to Venice, where he was paid a good sum of money for it, and given credit for its conception.

Who is Stephen Hawking?

The New Master

Stephen William Hawking, born in England in 1942. Most popular for his book and series "A brief History of Time," and for his disability, which has him confined in a wheelchair and unable to speak without a machine, Hawking has been trying to unify General Relativity with the Quantum Theory. His theories have made a large impact in the field of Cosmology.

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