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What's the average price range for a Bushnell telescope?

Price Ranges For Bushnell Telescopes

The price of a Bushnell telescope depends on its size and model, but the three main categories of Bushnell telescopes all fall within a certain price range. The Northstar series, Bushnell's top of the line telescopes, price between $250 - $500 depending on the size of the telescope. The Voyager series, Bushnell's midrange offering, Range from about $130 for the smallest refractor telescopes to close to $300 for compact reflector telescopes. The Harbormaster series is markedly more expensive because the telescopes are crafted to be decorative objects as well as precision optical pieces. The smaller desktop Harbormaster telescope sells for close to $300, while the larger tripod mounted telescope retails at close to $4000.

Where can I purchase Bushnell telescopes?

Where To Purchase Bushnell Telescopes

Bushnell telescopes retail from a wide variety of dealers both online and offline. If it is your first time purchasing a telescope, you may want to go to a physical retailer, so that you can ask for buying advice and actually look at some of the available models. To locate a dealer near you, you should go to and use the dealer locator to find a suggested retailer. If you want to buy your Bushnell telescope online, then the Bushnell website also lists many online retailers. carries all three lines of Bushnell telescopes, and even offers some on sale.

Does Bushnell make telescopes for professionals?

Bushnell Telescopes For Professionals

While Bushnell offers a fine line of optics, it does not offer professional telescopes to the average consumer. However, it's top of the line amateur telescopes do offer many pro-grade features. Bushnell's upper deck telescope line is called the northstar line. These telescopes offer digital controls and computer locating systems, so that amateur astronomers can do their viewing with the greatest amount of accuracy possible. The northstar telescopes will also electronically track objects that they have locked on to, allowing you to view a certain celestial body over a period of time. The telescopes themselves come in up to 4.5 inches in diameter, offering exceptional brightness for an amateur telescope.

What are some of the features of Bushnell telescopes?

Features of Bushnell Telescopes

Bushnell offers several kinds of telescopes, producing models of reflector, refractor, and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes. Bushnells top of the line telescopes feature a computer driven location system, that allows users to use a handheld digital device to select celestial bodies, causing the telescope to automatically locate them. Once the object has been locate, the telescope will then automatically track it as it moves across the night sky. Aesthetically speaking, the Harbormaster series of telescopes feature brass casings and wooden mounts. All telescope models feature quality optics, and most feature zoom eyepieces.

Does Bushnell make optics for hunting?

Bushnell Hunting Optics

Bushnell produces many kinds of optics that are specifically designed for hunters. Many of its binocular models are geared specifically for hunters, featuring lightweight, durable materials that will stand up in the field. Bushnell's laser rangefinders allow hunters to gauge their distance to a target from up to 1500 yards. The spotting scopes produced by Bushnell allow hunters to spot prey from up to 800 feet away -- with bright images and enhanced contrast to reduce the effects of foilage and other obstructions. The rifle scopes produced by Bushnell come in a variety of powers mounts, and some even digitally project crosshairs onto the target.

What kinds of optics does Bushnell produce?

Bushnell Optics

Bushnell doesn't just produce telescopes. It produces a wide array of optics geared mostly towards astronomy and sporting activities. The company produces a wide array of binoculars for use in sports, hunting, boating, and general recreation. Bushnell makes laser rangefinders for hunters and golfers, so that they can easily determine their distance to their targets. It makes both spotting and rifle scopes for hunters. Bushnell produces digital surveilance equipment for the outdoors, as well as night vision equipment.

Does Bushnell make telescopes for hobbyists?

Bushnell Telescopes For Hobbyists

Bushnell's line of telescopes is produced primarily for hobbyists. The company offers three major lines of amateur telescopes: the northstar, voyager, and harbormaster series. The northstar series represents Bushnell's most technically advanced amateur telescopes. The telescopes feature computer driven tracking and voice output. The voyager line features the best balance of performance and price. Voyager telescope come in a variety of sizes and styles, and offer top of the line optics at affordable prices. The harbormaster series is made up of functional telescopes for decorative use. The harbormaster telescopes replicate the look and feel of old nautical telescopes while still providing quality optics.

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