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What is the featured model that Swift makes?

Swift's Featured Telescope

Swift's featured telescope model is its 862R telescope. The 862R is a refracting telescope that measures 60mm in diameter and 900mm in length. The telescope comes with three different eyepieces -- a 4mm, 12mm, and 20mm -- giving it a magnification range of 45 power to 225 power. The mount provided with the 862R allows for fine manual adjustsments so that you can accurrately track celestial bodies. Additionally, the telescope comes with several filters to allow for enhanced star viewing and solar viewing.

Does Swift make professional telescopes?

Swift Telescopes For Professionals

Swift does not make professional grade telescopes. While the company produces high quality optics, it only produces two models of telescope, both of which are fairly small. The telescopes are both only a few inches in diameter, well under the ten inch diameter usually found in professional telescopes. Smith does produce professional grade optics, but they are found in the company's line of microscopes. Swift produces high grade microscopes that are used in scientific and veteranary research.

Does Swift make telescopes for hobbyists?

Swift Telescopes For Hobbyists.

Swift produces only two kinds of telescopes, and both are geared towards the needs of hobbyists. The two models are the 860R and the 862R, both refractor telescopes. The 860R features an adjustable altazimuth mount, with a diameter of 60mm and a length of 700mm. The 862R has a diameter of 60mm and measures 900mm in length. It comes with a variety of eyepieces, providing magnification from 45 to 225 power. Both models are lightweight and very portable.

Where can I purchase Swif t telescopes?

Purchasing Swift Telescopes

Swift telescopes are available for sale both online and in physical telescope stores. The Swift website offers an online dealer locator service at http://www.swift-optics.com/corporate/salescontact.php. Buying a Swift telescope online can help you to get a better deal. A quick google search for "Swift Telescopes" will show you that three major online telescope retailers carry their products. The site opticsplanet.net carries the 860R series of refractor telescopes. Astrostuff.com carries a large selection of Swift telescope products, including older, discontinued models for reasonable prices.

What is the average price range of Swift telescopes?

Swift Telescope Pricing

Since Swift telescopes are geared towards hobbyists, they are retailed at very reasonable prices. The Swift 860R usually retails for around $150, but the model can easily be found online for less than $100. Likewise, the 862R usually retails for close to $300, but many better deals are available online. Because Swift telescopes are so reasonably priced, they are ideal for first time telescope buyers. Additionally, if you are a telescope buyer on a tight budget, a Swift telescope will leave enough money left over to buy additional telescope accessories such as filters and addional mounts.

Does Swift make other kinds of optics?

Swift Optics

Yes, in addition to its telescopes, swift also makes optics for research, maritime, hunting, and sporting use. If you like you Swift telescope, you may want to try some of the other kinds of optics that they offer. Swift carries a large array of binoculars -- for sporting, birding, and maritime use. Swift also makes hunting scopes for both rifles and pistols. The company also makes high quality spotting scopes for hunters and photographers. Lastly, Swift produces a variety of microscopes, for both educational and veteranary use.

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