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Are televue telescopes good for beginners?

Tele Vue Telescopes For Beginners

There are some pros and cons when approaching Televue telescopes as a beginner. One of the biggest advantages is the versatility that Televue offers in its telescopes. The telescopes are portable, useful both during the night and day, and offer superior optics. Additionally, the operation of Televue telescopes is very straightforward, with simple and precise manual controls. The major downside is the cost -- the cheapest televue telescope retails for around $700. Also, since the price does not include the mount, you will most likely end up spending over $1000 on a single telescope.

What are TeleVue Telescopes?

TeleVue Telescopes

Tele Vue offers some of the worlds best telescopes and eyepieces. TeleVue Telescopes and TeleVue Optics have taken joy in exciting customers for twenty years. They use high quality materials, they create innovative designs and they are committed to the highest level of craftsmanship. Creating great products for the observing enthusiast has been founder Al Nagler's continuing pursuit.

Does Tele Vue make telescopes for hobbyists?

Tele Vue Telescopes For Hobbyists

TeleVue telescope feature high end optics and construction. The company specializes in making small APO refractor telescopes. These telescopes are small, powerful, and very versatile, making them an ideal portable and all around telescope. The only factor that may place a TeleVue telescope beyond a hobbyists reach is the price. Because of the quality and size of the materials involved, TeleVue telescopes tend to be more expensive than similarly size refractor telescopes.

Where can I buy televue telescopes?

Where To Buy TeleVueTelescopes

Televue telescopes are sold both online and through physical retailers. If you want to check out a televue telescope in an actual store, then you should go to the televue store locator on the televue website at If you want to search through the full line of televue telescopes online, then you should check out the selection at not only offers all of the televue telescopes, it also sells some of them at a discount. Additionally, offers all televue eyepieces and mounts, so that you can fully equip your telescope in only a few clicks.

What is the average price range for TeleVue Telescopes?

TeleVue Prices

TeleVue telescopes, because of their specialized nature, tend to be a little more expensive than the average telescope. Still, for the product, the prices are not unreasonable, and they are confined within a small range. From the lowest end to the highest, Televue telescopes tend to be priced between $800 and $2000. However, most televue telescopes do not come with their own tripod mount. The additional cost of a tripod mount will run you about $300.

Does Tele Vue offer other kinds of optics?

TeleVue Optics

TeleVue is one of the few optics companies that focusses the bulk of its production on telescopes. While other companies use their technology to produce other optical products, Televue puts all of its research and development in to telescopes. In addition to telescopes, the company also manufactures and sells telescope acessories. TeleVue produces superior quality eyepieces that fit a variety of telescopes. Additionally, the company produces mounts and filters for telescopes.

What is the nicest model of telescope that TeleVue offers?

The Best of TeleVue telescopes

The nicest telescope that Tele Vue offers is the TELE VUE-102I , which is a large and powerful refractor telescope. The TELE VUE-102I is the newest APO refractor that televue offers, and it comes with a 102mm aperature and a focal length of 880mm. The model is still highly portable and comes with its own carry case. Additionally, the TELE VUE-102I is designed to allow for binocular viewing -- producing a wider field of view of the night sky. The telescope retails for about $3600 without a mount.

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