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What is the price range of Tasco telescopes?

Tasco Telescope Pricing

Tasco telescopes are very reasonably priced. As a rules, all models of Tasco telescopes are priced at less than $300, and most of them are priced at lower than $200. Tasco's novice telescopes are priced at less than $100, and its telescopes designed for children are priced at less than $50. Even Tasco's top of the line telescope models retail at around $230. This makes Tasco an excellent choice for first time telescope buyers and those who wish to buy telescopes for children.

What are Tasco Telescopes?

Tasco Telescopes

Tasco has been America's popular choice in sports optics for over 50 years. Tasco Telescopes knows its a great big universe out there, but they can help you cover it with high-quality, feature-packed telescopes. Whether you've got a term paper due or you're trying to impress someone by pointing out an obscure galaxy, trust Tasco Telescopes to provide the bright, clear and crisp images you need in an easy-to-use, easy-to-own telescope. Their products are reasonably priced and reliable, making them ideal for amateurs interested in getting in to astronomy. Despite their price, some of the scopes that Tasco offers pack enough punch to show you plenty of the galaxy.

What is the finest model of Tasco telescopes?

Tasco's Top of The Line Model

Tasco's top of the line telescope comes from its Galaxsee line of telescopes. The scope, the Galaxsee 46060675, is a refractor with a 60mm objective lens. It has a maximum power of 675 magnification, and comes with three 1.25 inch eyepieces with varying powers. The telescope has an equatorial mount, to insure smooth tracking of celestial bodies. Additionally, Tasco packages the telescope with its own brand of star finding software, providing users with a library of over 10000 celestial objects. Lastly, the telescope also comes with a moon filter to enhance viewing of the lunar surface

Where can I buy Tasco telescopes?

Where To Buy Tasco Telescopes

Tasco telescopes can be bought online and through physical stores. If you'd like to buy a Tasco telescope from a physical store, you should go to http://www.tasco.com/dealer_locator/us_canada.shtml, which will help you to locate a licensed Tasco dealer in either the US or Canada. Online sites like telescopes.com offers a full line of all Tasco products. This includes all Tasco telescopes, as well as the company's binoculars, sites, spotting scopes, and telescope accessories. Tasco telescopes can also be purchased online through opticsplanet.com.

Would Tasco be a good brand for my first telescope?

Tasco Telescopes For New Buyers

Tasco is an excellent brand for a first telescope. Almost all of Tasco's telescopes are reasonably priced, and the company has a specific line of telescopes that are made for first time telescope buyers. They company also offers a line of telescopes specifically designed for use by children. Tasco's novice series of telescopes offers two sizes of refractor telescopes, one with 350 power magnification and the other iwth 402. Both feature an alt-az manual mount and manual focusing features -- keeping things simple, but still providing plenty of power. Tasco's telescopes designed for children feature two models of refractor telescopes with either 100 or 200 power magnification.

Does Tasco make other kinds of optics?

Tasco Optics

In addition to its telescopes, Tasco manufactures several other kinds of optics, bringing the same qualities of relaibility mixed with reasonable prices. The company produces a variety of optics that are geared towards sports and outdoors use. Tasco makes binoculars for sport, hunting, personal, and maritime use. They also manufacture rifle scopes for hunters. The company makes high powered spotting scopes for birders and hunters. Lastly, Tasco produces shooting glasses for sports and hunting.

Does Tasco make telescopes for hobbyists?

Tasco Telescopes For Hobbyists

Yes, Tasco does make many telescopes that are suitable for hobbyists. In fact, all of the telescopes that the company manufactures are suitable for hobbyists. Tasco offers a range of simple refractor and reflector telescopes within a variety of price ranges that allow hobbyists to easily obtain simple, reliable telescopes. The telescopes come on either alt-az or equatorial manual mounts. More expensive models come with additional filters and software to aid star tracking.

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