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Do observatories allow the public to look through their telescopes?

Open viewing

Most observatories have public viewing nights, which are open to the public. Check your local phonebook for your nearest observatory, or go to
for a listing of those observatories offering public access.

Does the space industry have some sort of "Hall of Fame?"

Walk of Fame

The U. S. Space Walk of Fame is the place to go if you've ever wondered who is responsible for the success of the American space program. Located in Titusville, Florida, this outdoor museum boasts, among other things, bronze hand prints and mission plaques from six of the original seven astronauts of the Mercury mission.

I´ve heard that there is a space museum in New York city? Where is it?

The History of the Future

If you are in New York City or plan on visiting soon, stop by the American Museum of Natural History. Their new Rose Center for Earth and Space, opened in 2000, is something to see. It is an all-inclusive astronomy and space center, with a Planetarium, Big Bang Theater, exhibits and the largest sealed terrarium in the world.

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