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Is there anyone out there trying to promote space tourism?

X Prize

If you want to get in on the action, form a group and develop a rocket capable of launching a spacecraft with three passengers to a height of 100km. With endorsements from Tom Hanks and John Glenn, the X prize is succeeding at jumpstarting the space tourism industry. The $10,000,000 prize helps also.

Has anybody come up with a vacation to the moon?

Fly me to the moon (and back)!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Get ready to do it all over, this time to the moon. Budget Suites of America Hotels owner Robert Bigelow has already invested $500 million dollars to pursuing a half-mile long "cruise" ship that would take passengers to the moon and back.

Will I ever be able to go into space? I´m not a millionaire.

A different kind of Lottery

If you're feeling bad that you don't have the money to go into space, perk up. An organization called The ShareSpace Foundation (led by chairman and former astronaut Buzz Aldrin) is working on setting up a lottery system to allow everyone an opportunity to enter space, regardless of income.

Can I go into space?

Have you won the lottery?

Put your winnings toward a trip into space. If you can come up with a cool $20 million, SpaceAdventures, one of the few active tourism agencies, will be glad to take you--if you can pass their rigorous two-week training program. For more information visit their website:

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