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Where can I purchase Coronado telescopes?

Purchasing Coronado Telescopes

Coronado telescopes can be purchased either directly from Coronado or through licensed Coronado dealers all over the world. If you go to the Coronado website ( you can check on the availability of certain models of telescope. If the model you wish to purchase is in stock, then you can order it directly from the company. If the model is not in stock, or you wish to purchase your telescope in person, then you have to locate a licensed Coronado product dealer. Dealers can be located through the dealer search page on the Coronado website at

Does Coronado produce other kinds of optics?

Coronado Optics

Coronado actually does not specialize in making telescopes. Coronado, as a company, is known primarily for producing ultra-narrowband filters that allow astronomers to observe the sun. According to Coronado, the sun is best viewed by isolating the Hydrogen-Alpha wavelength at 656.3nm and filtering out all other kinds of light. Coronado's filters help telescopes to isolate this one single wavelength. Once this wavelength is isolated, the sun can be safely viewed through a telescope, bringing out such details as solar flares, and the features of the sun's surface.

Does Coronado make telescopes for professionals?

Coronado Telescopes For Professionals

Yes, Coronado does offer a line of telescopes designed for professionals. The SolarMax 90 line of telescopes is designed specifically for use in observatories and research facilities. This line of telescopes features a 90mm aperature, which is considered a pro-grade aperature size -- making it the largest solar viewing telescope in mass production. The SolarMax 90 comes in four different models, ranging to over $10000 in price.

What is Coronado's specialty?

Coronado's Best Known Features

Coronado is best known for producing narrow band filters for optics such as telescopes. These narrow band filters have a specific use -- they allow the user to view the sun safely and at great detail. Essentially, Coronado filters have been allowing us to safely observe the sun for over forty years. The unique telescopes produced by Coronado feature perfect compatibility with Coronado narrow band filters. The combination of these two -- a Coronado filter and a Coronado telescope, is the companies specialty. The combination allows for the unprecedented viewing of the surface of the sun.

What are some features of a coronado telescope?

Coronado Telescopes

Coronado Telescopes has been developing ultra-narrowband filters and technologies for the professional astrology market for over forty years. The most effective method of viewing the sun is by isolating the Hydrogen-Alpha wavelength at 656.3nm and rejecting all other types of light. At this wavelength you are able to view all the features of the chromosphere, which originates just above the photosphere. These features include flares, prominences, filaments, spiculae, faculae, and active regions. Coronado Telescopes have used this technology to provide innovative optics for the amateur and professional solar observer.

Does Coronado make telescopes for hobbyists?

Coronado Telescopes For Hobbyists

Coronado telescopes, due to their unique and highly specialized capabilities, tend to be much more expensive than traditional telescopes. Coronado does offer one model that is designed for hobbyists who want to see the details of the sun's surface. The model is called the Personal Solar Telescope (PST) and it is priced at around $500. The next available telescope model from Coronado is called the Solarmax 40 series. The Solarmax 40 offers superior detail visibility to the Coronado PST telescope, and comes in two models, both costing over $1000.

What is the average price range for Coronado telescopes?

The Price Range For Coronado Telescopes

Coronado telescopes tend to be more expensive than regular telescopes because they are highly specialized. Coronado produces several lines of telescopes, the lowest end is the Personal Solar Telescope (PST) and the other lines consist of four grades of SolarMax Telescope. The PST, the model intended for hobbyists, retails for close to $500. The SolarMax 40 series contains two models, the first retailing for $1700 and the second for $2700. The two models in the SolarMax 60 series retail for $3700 and $5000. The SolarMax 70 retails for $3000. The four models of the SolarMax 90 series retail at between $10000 and $13000.

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