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What does Starry Night Software do?

Starry Night Software

Starry Night is a software company that produces software products for both professional and amateur astronomers. The company also produces digital astonomy videos for the purposes of education. Starry Night's software is used to both aid and educate people with interests in astronomy. It offers two primary lines of software -- one dealing with practical astronomy applications, and the other with astronomy education. The company offers several products under each line -- from complex tools for professional astronomers to educational software for elementary school students.

Can Starry Night Software Teach Me About Astronomy?

Starry Night Software and Astronomy

Both Starry Night's astronomy tools software and its educational software can help to teach you about astronomy. Starry Night's astronomy software serves as an incredible guide to the night sky, allowing you to explore either from your home computer or with your telescope. Addiontally, Starry Night produces software that is specifically designed to teach users about astronomy. These programs teach about specific celestial objects -- such as the planet mars or comets -- or they offer broader education on astronomy in general. Starry Night also offers software packages that are specifically targetted at educators -- allowing them to bring astronomy education to K-12 students.

Can Starry Night software help me to use my telescope more accurrately?

Starry Night Software and Using Telescopes Accurrately

Starry Night software can certainly help you to use your telescope more accurrately. Since Starry Night's astronomy software contains a complete picture of the night sky, you can use it to help you aim your telescope. Just synchronize your virtual location on the Starry Night software with the actual location of your telescope. The software will bring up a complete picture of the night sky at your location. The software's picture will serve as your guide to all of the viewable celestial objects in your area. All that's left for you to do is simply aim your telescope.

Can Starry Night software work with my telescope?

Starry Night Software and Your Telescope

Starry Night's astronomy software is used already by many brands of telescope in their computeized GOTO models. All Starry Night astronomy software functions as an incredibly realistic and accurrate guide to the night sky, which you can use in conjunction with your telescope to help you identify any number of celestial bodies. Starry Night's more advanced software offerings (it's pro series) allow you to interface your telescope directly with the Starry Night software. With Starry Night Pro software and a high end telescope, you can use the software to direct your telescope and even import your own astrophotography.

What kinds of products does Starry Night offer?

Starry Night Products

Starry Night offers three primary lines of products: astronomy software, educational software, and educational DVDs. The company's astronomy software is the leader in its field, and it is already standard on many high end telescopes. The astronomy software comes in several different versions, increasing in detail and features -- showing more of the night sky, and offering more and more options for telescope usage. The company's educational software targets broad astronomy education for students K-12. Addionally, specific educational software and DVDs are offered on such subjects as mars, comets, and other celestial bodies.

Where can I purchase Starry Night software?

Purchasing Starry Night Software

Starry Night software can be purchased from any number of mainstream software retailers. However, the full line of Starry Night software products can be purchased from the Starry Night website at The company offers several versions of its popular astronomy software on the website, as well as its educational software and videos. Additionally, upgrades to the software are available for both order and download off of the website.

How can I best use Starry Night Software?

Best Uses For Starry Night Software

There is no single best use for Starry Night software. If you an astronomer of any level, you can benefit from what Starry Night has to offer. The companies astronomy software can serve as an excellent introduction to astronomy, a fun tool for learning and exploration, and as a progressively growing guide to the night sky. The software's usefulness really becomes apparent when it is used in conjuction with a telescope. Using Starry Night as a guide allows you to view the sky with unprecidented accurracy. With the aid of a laptop, you can even take your nighttime viewing on the road with you.

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