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What is Takahashi's feature model of telescope?

Premier Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi's featured telescope model is the FTC-250. It is a refractor telescope of amazing quality that is suitable for use in professional astronomy research and observatories. The telescope is very large, having a diameter of 250mm and a length of 2500mm. It is capable of magnifying objects to 1276 power, allowing for unprecidented viewing of celestial bodies. The telescope is clearly intended for use by educational institutions and reasearch bodies as it is priced at close to $250000.

Does Takahashi make other kinds of optics?

Takahashi Optics

Takahashi began as a high-grade sand casting company, and then began to produce high-grade optics in the mid 1960s. The company now specializes in making high grade optics which are primarily used in telescopes. However, Takahashi now has begun to use its optics in other products. Currently, the company produces one model of high end binoculars. The binoculars are actually intended for astronomy use, and they come with a mount-ready interface.

Does Takahashi make telescopes for professionals?

Takahashi Telescopes For Professionals

All of Takahashi's telescopes are designed for professionall use. Their cost alone (the cheapest Takahashi telescope costs at least $4000) prices them out of the range of the normal consumer. The company's most expensive telescopes are high grade refractors, but Takahashi also produces reflecting telescopes, and Newtonian-Cassegrain reflectors. Takahashi also makes a line of telescopes that is specifically designed for high quality astrophotography -- these telescopes essentially function as incredibly high powered cameras. Their pro-grade telescopes range in size from refractors less than 1 meter in length to telescopes over 2 meters long.

Who Are Takahashi Telescopes?

Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi Seisakusho of Tokyo, Japan has been producing fluorite apochromatic refracting telescopes since they introduced the 90mm f/10 FC-90 in 1979. This revolutionized amateur astronomy as the world's first fluorite apochromatic telescope in regular production. Since that time Takahashi has not only produced fluorite apochromats up to 250mm but also mountings and a variety of state-of-the-art telescopes such as the four-element FSQ-106, Hyperbolic Astrographs, Newtonian-Cassegrains and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains. The company is known for producing optics that show perfect color of celestial bodies, making them ideal for profesisonal viewing and astrophotography.

Where can I purchase Takahashi telescopes?

Purchasing Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi telescopes are available to purchase either online or through physical retailers. If you're looking to buy a Takahashi telescope, then the company posts a list of all of its registered dealers on its website at http://www.takahashiamerica.com/catalog/dealer_list.php?osCsid=2a648f4e2d6991b135443dddb55966b1. Remember, unless you buy through the company or an authorized dealer, then your repair warranty will not be valid within the USA. In the USA, it is possible to buy Takahashi products directly through the company from their website at www.takahashiamerica.com. The website list the full line of Takahashi telescope products. Additional online sales of Takahashi telescopes are offered through such largescale sites as telescopes.com, which is a licensed retailer of Takahashi products.

Does Takahashi make telescopes for Hobbyists?

Takahashi Telescopes For Hobbyists

Takahashi does not make telescopes that are geared towards hobbyists. The company specializes in optics that do not distort color -- producing telescopes that provide incredilby high quality images of celestial bodies. Few Takahashi telescopes are priced at less than $5000, and some retail for over $1000000 -- making them too expensive for the casual astronomer. The telescopes feature optics, housings, and mounts of incredible quality. Takahashi's telescope products are best used by professional researchers, serious astronomy enthusiasts, and professional astrophotographers.

What is the average price for a Takahashi telescope?

Pricing For Takahashi Telescopes

Due to their incredible craftsmanship that Takahashi puts in to its telescopes, the prices at which they are retailed is quite hight. Prices of Takahashi telescopes range from around $4000 to $250000 for a single telescope. On average, a Takahashi telescope retails for around $10000 US. Many of its refractor telescope models are priced at less than $10000, while its more complex telescopes run at higher prices. Takahashi astrographs -- telescopes specifically designed for astrophotography -- retail at between $5000 adn $30000. No matter what price you pay, each Takahashi telescope is an incredible instrument, suitable for high grade astronomy and research.

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