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What is the average price range for Vixen Telescopes?

Vixen Prices

Vixens tend to be reasonalby priced for the quality of optics and the digital features that they involve. A high end Vixen telescope that features a computerized GOTO mount will usually cost between $3000 and $5000. Vixen does offer a single Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope with a 13 inch aperature that retails for close to $20000. The telescopes that Vixen produces for amateur use tend to retail for close to $500. For their price, Vixen telescopes come with a large variety of quality features, including computerized GOTO mounts and LCD starmaps.

What are Vixen telescopes?

About Vixen Telescopes

Vixen is a Japanese company that produces superior optical devices for both professionals and beginners. Vixen offers an array of both reflector and refractor telescopes that offer fine optics at moderate prices. Many of Vixen's top of the line telescopes feature computerized GOTO mounts with LCD readout screens that display maps of the night sky. The company offers both portable telescopes and fixed standing models. Some of their telescopes are suited for astrophotograpy.

What is the nicest model of telescope that Vixen offers?

The Best of Vixen telescopes

Vixen's premier model of telescope is the Vixen VMC330L OTA. The Vixen VMC330L OTA is a single, large Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. The telescope has an aperature diameter of 13 inches, and a focal length of 4320mm. The telescope weighs less than 50 pounds without mount, which means that while large, it is still portable. The huge aperature makes this telescope ideal for professional use, and it gathers more than twice the light of comparable telescopes with 8 inch aperatures. The VMC330L OTA, with the proper motorized mount, is ideal for astrophotography.

Does Vixen offer other kinds of optics?

Vixen Optics

In addition to its high grade telescopes, Vixen also offers a full range of quality optical tools. The company produces binoculars and monoculars for hunting, sporting, and security use. Vixen produces field scopes and spotting scopes for use by hunters, photographers, and law enforcement. The company manufactures microscopes for both educational and research use. Vixen also produces precision magnifying glasses for industrial and appraisal use.

Are Vixen telescopes good for beginners?

Vixen Telescopes For Beginners

While Vixen telescopes tend to be expensive because of all the features that they involve, they have several lines of telescopes that are made specifically for beginners. The Viper line of telescopes consists of a single Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope that offers incredible views of the night sky for beginners. The telescope is large and fully motorized, so that beginners can control its movement with a single joystick. Vixen is also planning two more lines of telescopes -- the Sirius line and the Icarus line -- that will specifically target first time telescope buyers.

Does Vixen make telescopes for hobbyists?

Vixen Telescopes For Hobbyists

Yes, Vixen does make telescopes for hobbyists. While Vixen does offer a large selestion of expensive and computerized telescopes, it also offers an additional line of reasonably priced telescopes for beginners. This line of telescopes is called the Vixen Viper line, which consists of a single version of a Maksutov Cassegrain telescope. The Viper features an aperature size of 90mm and a focal length of 1200mm. The Viper features a motor driven mount that is controlled by the joystick. Unfortunately, the Viper is very heavy, reducing its portability.

Where can I buy Vixen telescopes?

Where To Buy Vixen Telescopes

Vixen telescopes are available both online and offline. If you want to check out a Vixen telescope or purchase from an offline source, make sure that you use a licensed Vixen telescope retailer. A list of Vixen dealers within the USA can be found at Additionally, the website is a licensed Vixen retailer. The website offers the full line of Vixen telescope products, and even gives some price breaks on Vixen models.

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