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Does Konus Produce professional grade telescopes?

Konus Telescopes for Professionals

Konus's telescopes, while containing high grade optics, are not offered in sizes (diameter greater than ten inches) that are normally considered to be professional telescopes. Still, the upper levels of Konus's telescope production line feature amazing optics and capabilities that ideal for quality observing and astrophotography. Konus's highest quality telescopes are Maksutov-Cassegrains that feature fully electronic mounts and focussing systems. The telescopes feature an array of filters, and come equipped with attatchment rings for photographic and digital video equipment. The electronic mounts of these telescopes allow them to track celestial bodies throughout the night sky -- allowing you to hone in on an object and maintain the frame for photo and video.

Where can I purchase Konus telescopes?

Purchasing Konus Telescopes

Konus telescopes are available from a variety of dealers in the US, Europe, and Latin America. Many models of Konus telescopes are available online within the US. A list of worldwide licensed Konus telescope dealers is available at http://www.konus.com/dealers.htm. In addition to phsycial retail outlets, Konus telescopes are carried by many mainstream retailers. Amazon.com offers the full line of Konus brand telescopes and Adorama.com also carries many models. If you're searching for a good deal, it pays to go to a number of sites and compare prices and product reviews.

What is the average price range for Konus telescopes?

Konus Telescopes Price Range

The Konus brand is recognized for maintaining a balance of both price and quality in its products. Even the company's top of the line models offer high quality optics and mounts at reasonable prices. For hobbyists, most models of the Konus junior and Konus-J series can be obtained for around $100, meaning that hobbyists and first time telescope buyers can obtained quality optics at relatively low cost. If you are a more serious telescope user, the price news is still good. Konus's high end telescopes with motorized tracking retail for between $300 and $700 depending on size and features, meaning that you can buy a very powerful telescope for less than $1000.

Does Konus produce other kinds of optics?

Other Kinds of Konus Optics

If you like the quality manufacturing behind Konus telescopes, then you may be interested in the other kinds of optics that Konus offers. In addition to its telescopes, Konus also produces telescope accessories such as filters and eyepieces. Konus makes binoculars for hobbyists and sports enthusiasts as well as binoculars fitted with digital cameras for nature photographers. Konus offers microscopes for both classroom and research use. Sports enthusiasts and photographers benefit from Konus's range of spotting scopes and rifle sites. Konus also makes a line of magnifying glasses for professionals and hobbyists.

Does Konus produce telescopes for Hobbyists?

Konus Telescopes for Hobbyists

Yes, Konus produces a wide range of refracting telescopes that are designed for use by hobbyists and beginner telescope users. These telescopes are offered in two different series, each with several models: the Konus Junior series and the Konus-J series. The Konus junior series consists of three refracting telescopes, ranging from 1.8 to 2 inches in diameter and 600 to 700 milimeters in length. The Konus-J series offers five different models of refracting telescopes, ranging from 2.4 to 2.7 inches in diameter and 300 to 900 milimeters in length. The top of the line Konus-J telescopes feature electronic focussing systems.

Who are Konus Telescopes?

Konus Telescopes

Konus is an Italian firm that was founded in Verona in the late 1970s. The company manufactures and markets a variety of products, mostly high quality optics and technical instruments. The company offers full warranty and repair service on all of its products. Since the company markets its products through the world, its documentation can be found in most European languages. The companies telescopes display a high degree of optical craftsmanship and reliability.

What types of telescopes does Konus offer?

Types of Konus Telescopes

Konus offers a wide variety of telescope models. Its bargain priced telescopes are only offered in refractor models, while its top of the line telescopes are offered in refractor, reflector, and maksutov-cassegrain models. Refractor telescopes use a series of lenses to focus light in to an eyepiece in order to produce image. Reflector telescopes usually use a pair of mirrors to reflect an image in to an eyepiece that rests at the top of the telescope. Konus's maksutov-cassegrain telescopes combine the features of both reflector and refractor telescopes. This allows a larger number of optical components to be squeezed in to a smaller space, creating a small but optically complext telescope.

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