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Does Meade produce other kinds of optics?

Meade Telescopes Precision Optics

Like many telescope companies, Meade's primary strengths rest in their precision optics. If you are pleased with your Meade telescope, you may want to look in to buying more optical products from them. In addition to telescopes, Meade produces telescope accessories and filters. They also produce photographic equipment that is tailor made for Meade telescopes, allowing Meade telescope users to create digital astrophotography. Meade also markets its own astronomy software that allows its telescopes to automatically find celestial bodies. In addition to telescope related products, Meade also manufactures binoculars, microscopes and other precision optics.

Does Meade produce telescopes for professionals?

Meade Telescopes

In addition to its many simple telescopes, Meade offers a large number of sophisticated telescopes for professional astronomers and researchers. Meade's ETX series and RTX 400 offer automatic tracking and GOTO mounts in a variety of sizes. The Meade LX200 telescope features built in GPS as well as computer tracking, which insures perfect aiming and focus. All of these telescopes feature Meade's highest quality optics and are suitable for professional use.

Does Meade produce telescopes for hobbyists?

Meade is one of the worlds largest telescope manufacturers, and it offers a large range of telescopes that are designed for beginners and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts. The company's Telestar, EQ, and AZ series of telescopes are specifically geared towards hobbyists. The Telestar scopes are refractor telescopes that come in manual, computer assisted, and GOTO models. The EQ telescopes are all fully manual, and come in both reflector and refractor models. The AZ telescopes are all manual refractors that come in a variety of lengths. Each of these models offers beginners quality optics with in varying sizes and degrees of automation.

What should I look for in a Meade telescope?

Choosing a Meade Telescope

When you buy a Meade telescope, you know that you are purchasing precision optics that you can count on. Additionally, you know that you are buying in to a family of astronomy related products -- and once you own a Meade telescope, you can benefit from the accessories, software, and upgrades that the company offers. When looking to buy a Meade telescope, first consider your needs. If you're a beginning or a casual astronomy hobbyist, then Meade offers plenty of models, such as its Telestar, EQ, and AZ series, that are geared towards hobbyists. If you are more serious about astronomy or an astronomy professional, then you should seriously consider Meade's more automated products, such as it's ETX , RTX400, and LX200 series.

Who are Meade Telescopes?

About Meade Telescopes

Meade is a world leader in the design and manufacture of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers. Meade Instruments began business in 1972 on initial capital of $2500 as a mail-order supplier of small refracting telescopes. Meade's innovative and technologically advanced products are recognized to be among the best in the world. They offer a large array of telescopes designed for comsumers of all stripes. Meade's products feature optics of impeccable quality.

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