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Which planet is the hottest?

Hot, hotter, hottest

Which planet is hotter, Mercury or Venus? Believe it or not, though Venus is twice as far from the Sun as Mercury, it is more than six hundred degrees (C) hotter than the closest planet to the sun. Why? Because Venus has an atmosphere, and that atmosphere is composed of Carbon dioxide, the same gas responsible for the greenhouse effect here on Earth. Mercury has no atmosphere.

Are there any fun astronomy sites out there for kids?

Kid's puzzle webpage

Believe it or not, there actually IS a site for kids to play video games and learn at the same time. Included on the webpage are word games, video games like Space Invaders and Asteroid, and Virtual Star Explorer, a game which not only teaches kids about stars but coordinates and distance.

Can I travel through time with Astronomy?

Traveling through time

A look at the stars is actually a look back in time. So, if we look through a telescope at an object which is 65 million light-years away, we are seeing it now as it was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Expanding that, if we see a quasar, which averages a distance of 13 billion light-years, we are looking at an object as it appeared before Earth existed.

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