Pros and Cons of Dobsonian Telescopes

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Dobsonian telescope?

Pros and Cons of Dobsonian Telescopes

Dobsonian telescopes are essentially very large reflector telescopes. The only thing that sets the Dobsonian telescope apart from other telescopes is its large, simple mount that allows the telescope to sit on the ground and swivel easily. Dobsonian telescopes are great becaues they are the largest scopes you can get for the least amount of money. Additionally, Dobsonian telescopes are very simple, requiring little technical fussing. The primary problem with Dobsonian telescopes lies in their portability -- they simply aren't. The scopes are usually too large and unweildy to fit in a car. Also, Dobsonian telescopes are totally manual -- requiring you to use star charts, and making them less than ideal for astophotography.



7/28/2008 11:00:15 AM
JD said:

U can get computerized object locators with many dob's (see Orion Skyquest for example), so star charts aren't always necessary.


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