Pros and Cons of Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Schmidt Cassegrain telescope?

Pros and Cons of Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes

The great thing about Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes is that they offer many of the benefits of refractor telescopes but with a lesser price. The Schmidt Cassegrain telescope combines some of the feature of reflector and refractor telescopes -- using an objective lense to bounce an image off of several internal mirrors. This combination allows the telescope to remain powreful but to be physically smaller -- creating a powerful telescope that is very portable. One of the major problems with the Schmidt Cassegrain telescope has to do with brightness -- a mirror in the front of the telescope partially obstructs its view, reducing the amount of light that enters the scope. While the telescope is versatile, its images will be less sharp and bright.



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