Pricing For Takahashi Telescopes

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What is the average price for a Takahashi telescope?

Pricing For Takahashi Telescopes

Due to their incredible craftsmanship that Takahashi puts in to its telescopes, the prices at which they are retailed is quite hight. Prices of Takahashi telescopes range from around $4000 to $250000 for a single telescope. On average, a Takahashi telescope retails for around $10000 US. Many of its refractor telescope models are priced at less than $10000, while its more complex telescopes run at higher prices. Takahashi astrographs -- telescopes specifically designed for astrophotography -- retail at between $5000 adn $30000. No matter what price you pay, each Takahashi telescope is an incredible instrument, suitable for high grade astronomy and research.



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