Choosing a Meade Telescope

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What should I look for in a Meade telescope?

Choosing a Meade Telescope

When you buy a Meade telescope, you know that you are purchasing precision optics that you can count on. Additionally, you know that you are buying in to a family of astronomy related products -- and once you own a Meade telescope, you can benefit from the accessories, software, and upgrades that the company offers. When looking to buy a Meade telescope, first consider your needs. If you're a beginning or a casual astronomy hobbyist, then Meade offers plenty of models, such as its Telestar, EQ, and AZ series, that are geared towards hobbyists. If you are more serious about astronomy or an astronomy professional, then you should seriously consider Meade's more automated products, such as it's ETX , RTX400, and LX200 series.



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