Price Ranges For Bushnell Telescopes

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What's the average price range for a Bushnell telescope?

Price Ranges For Bushnell Telescopes

The price of a Bushnell telescope depends on its size and model, but the three main categories of Bushnell telescopes all fall within a certain price range. The Northstar series, Bushnell's top of the line telescopes, price between $250 - $500 depending on the size of the telescope. The Voyager series, Bushnell's midrange offering, Range from about $130 for the smallest refractor telescopes to close to $300 for compact reflector telescopes. The Harbormaster series is markedly more expensive because the telescopes are crafted to be decorative objects as well as precision optical pieces. The smaller desktop Harbormaster telescope sells for close to $300, while the larger tripod mounted telescope retails at close to $4000.



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