Giving a Star as a Corporate Gift

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How should I present a gift star to a hard-working employee?

Giving a Star as a Corporate Gift

If you want to give stars as a corporate incentive gift, there are ways you can enhance the experience to make your other employees want their own stars, too. One way to do this is to make a special event out of the presentation of the gift star. A “promotion party” or presentation in front of the team is preferable to offering the gift to the employee during a review or a one-to-one meeting.

It's also good to add a few trappings to the presentation. If your gift star is part of a regular incentive/rewards program, create a wall mural of the night sky with each employee's name next to his or her named star (or reasonably close to the star). This is a creative alternative to a simple wall plaque with names and dates. Also, be sure to pass along any star details to the recipient, including the star location through coordinates and any pertinent star facts.



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