Stars For An Anniversary

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Why should I consider a binary star gift as an anniversary present?

Stars For An Anniversary

Never mind naming a star after someone... consider naming a star after your favorite couple. There's nothing better than a gift star package as a personalized anniversary gift for two loved ones. When reviewing your star gift options, see if you have the option to purchase a binary star system instead of a single star (Name a Star Live offers this service). The advantages of naming a binary system include:

  • Both in the couple get their name on a star
  • A binary star system consists of two stars in a common orbit, which is deeply symbolic of the couple

  • They're rare: Only a small percentage of stars have been confirmed as binaries.

When choosing a binary star as a personalized gift, be sure to consider a gift package that includes both an Astrophoto of the binary star and access to SLOOH, the online robotic telescope. Both provide a wonderfully unique view of the thoughtful gift that is unrivaled by any regular telescope viewing.



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