Name a Star for Father's Day

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Do gift stars work well for Father's Day?

Name a Star for Father's Day

It's tough to choose thoughtful Father's Day gifts, which is why many settle on the practical power tool or tie. So what do you get dad that is both thoughtful and fun, but not overly sentimental or sappy? If you're looking for a unique gift idea this year, consider naming a star for Father's Day.

A gift star is actually an appropriate gift for dad as the sky is full of male imagery, with many cultures seeing men working in the sky. Just a quick view of the 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union reveals a number of manly figures. They include:

  • Auriga, the charioteer
  • Bootes, the herdsman
  • Cepheus, the king
  • Hercules, the hero
  • Orion, the hunter
  • Perseus, another hero
Hero, provider, hunter… do any of these describe your father? Name a star for Father's Day and put your proud pappa's name amongst the other brave men in the sky.



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