What Happens After You Buy a Star?

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What happens when I buy a star?

What Happens After You Buy a Star?

If you want to know exactly where to buy a star where your purchase actually funds space exploration, read on.

Star gift company Name a Star Live is actually part of Space Services, the same Space Services that achieved the first successful privately-funded space launch with the Conestoga rocket in 1982. Funds generated through their name-a-star program are actually put into future space missions, including other private launches and solar sail research.

No matter which gift star package you choose from Name a Star Live, once you buy and name a star, that name is added to the collection of star names scheduled to be shot into space on the next special private space flight.

One recent launch, the Discovery Flight, was sent into space in May 2009 from Spaceport America in New Mexico. That launch included all stars named from 2004 to 2009. Additionally, each star name gift recipient received a launch certificate, confirming the event.



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