Finding Your Christmas Star

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The weather is bad, how can we find our Christmas star?

Finding Your Christmas Star

When you purchase a star for Christmas, the first question asked is by the recipient usually, "Where is it?" Finding your child's Christmas gift in the sky is a matter of looking at a constellation map and comparing it to the stars in the sky. It's important to know that depending on the season, the weather and other factors, the constellation map won't be an exact match for what you can see in the sky. You may have bright city lights obscuring your view of some of the fainter stars, which can make searching for a constellation more difficult.

That's why it's a very good idea to purchase a star for Christmas in a package from Name a Star Live that includes both Virtual Planetarium™ astronomy software and a live viewing of the star using the SLOOH online telescope. SLOOH can help make the gift instantly more enjoyable while you wait for more ideal viewing conditions. Your child will be happy to view stars and planets online, and then study the sky to learn what features are visible in your area.



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