Name a Star For a Unique Christmas Gift

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Why purchase a star for Christmas?

Name a Star For a Unique Christmas Gift

The Christmas holiday is full of star symbolism. The story of the three wise men in Bethlehem is a classic example of the prominence of stars in Christmas traditions. Christmas stars are everywhere, including at the top of many Christmas trees - so purchasing a star for Christmas is an unusually appropriate gift. Why not add a real star to your holiday merrymaking as a unique Christmas gift?

When you name a star for Christmas, try to make a connection between the star on your tree and the star in the sky. Consider purchasing a brand new star tree topper to coincide with your gift star. Even if you can't see the gift star very well in the sky because you're having a white Christmas, your family will identify the Christmas star with the star tree topper. You'll have an indoor star to remind you of the outdoor star all holiday long, plus a brand new holiday tradition to savor again and again.



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