Constellation Maps and Finding Your Star

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How can I find my gift star?

Constellation Maps and Finding Your Star

People have many questions about stars. What is a star? A spherical celestial body consisting of hot gases that emit light. How do I name a star? Through a star naming company. How do I find a star? With the help of constellation software or a constellation map, which can prove a bit tricky to navigate.

The most important thing to remember about a star map is that the sky doesn't exactly match the map. It's best to consider the map as a rough guide.

Generally, you'll want to find north on the map and pick a star or celestial body to use as a navigation point. The North Star works well for this, but you can also simply pick a constellation with which you are already familiar. For many the Big Dipper works perfectly. You might consider purchasing a planisphere, which is a simple, handheld device that will help you identify the constellations you can see at various times of the night on different nights of the year.

Navigate the night sky by finding where your desired star is in relation to the navigation point. Refer back to the star map if you get lost or confused. Chances are you won't recognize other constellations at first, but as you grow used to referencing the map and looking back at the sky, it will start making sense over time.



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