Telescope Mounts For Beginners

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What kind of mount should I look for on my first telescope?

Telescope Mounts For Beginners

A telescope mount steadies the telescope, and helps it to track celestial bodies across the night sky. Mounts come in many different versions: alt-az, equitorial, GOTO, and motorized. Alt-AZ mounts are the simplest, and they are often found on cheaper and beginner telescopes. The alt-az mount is totally manual, requiring you to find and track objects by hand. The equitorial mount is also manual, but it makes tracking objects very easy, because the movement of the mount is designed to follow the curved paths of celestial bodies. GOTO mounts give you tracking information for celestial bodies, telling you where to move the mount. Motorized mounts automatically track objects by moving the telescope. GOTO motorized mounts will automatically track and find objects for you.



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