Naming a Star for Newborns

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How many new stars are formed each year?

Naming a Star for Newborns

Just like humans, stars are born into being. Scientifically speaking, it's an extremely complex process with gas masses becoming stars over time; but on average, astronomers estimate that the Milky Way produces one new star per year. Now, that's just in the Milky Way galaxy. If we assume this rate over the 100 billion other observable galaxies in the Universe, that means 100 billion stars are born each year. This means that at any given moment, a new star is being born.

This birth cycle makes named stars very appropriate as personalized baby gifts. As you welcome a new life into this world, chances are that the Universe is doing the same. Also, consider that stars are symbolic of life, they are givers and enablers of life. Look no further than our own Sun for an example.



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