Not all Star Names are Equal

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What is the best value when naming a star?

Not all Star Names are Equal

Stars make wonderful personalized gifts, but how you present the gift makes all the difference to the recipient. After all, it's impossible to personalize a star and wrap it for delivery. Also, simply informing the recipient of the star's designation doesn't live up to the gift's thoughtful potential. This is why you should consider a name-a-star company that includes valuable extras in addition to the star name.

At the very least, the gift package should include a star certificate with the star coordinates clearly printed. A recipient should be able to locate his or her gift star if he or she chooses. A better option would be a framed gift, perhaps containing a picture of the star… something suitable for hanging on the wall as a conversation piece.

The very best name-a-star companies include these features as part of a package. Shop around for the best value before deciding where to name your star. Anyone can name a star, but not all companies can make it real for the recipient.



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