Stars Make Statements

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Why do Valentine's Day stars make such an impression?

Stars Make Statements

Why do Valentine's Day star gifts make such a lasting impression as unique Valentine's Day gifts? What is it about naming a star after someone that is so touching? For many, the answer lies in the nature of the stars; the lights in the sky represent long-lasting phenomena untouched by time or distance. Anywhere you go in the world, the stars are there, patiently waiting to be viewed. When you name a star for your Valentine, you associate your feelings with these ideas, offering a gesture symbolic of your love and affection.

Much of the symbolism can be lost if your loved one cannot see his or her celestial body. And a mere certificate proclaiming the star gift name is a limited representation. For a more meaningful and memorable gift, consider a name-a-star company that offers extras, including star coordinates for independent viewing, a photo of the star and its neighbors, and any real information about the star. A photo of the gift star is a very tangible reminder of the gift itself.



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