Ways to Enjoy your Valentine's Day Star

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What activities can we do with our Valentine's Day gift star?

Ways to Enjoy your Valentine's Day Star

If you give or get a personalized Valentine's gifts from a star naming company, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a little romantic stargazing that don't involve freezing your buns off in the back yard. Does your community have a college observatory or a planetarium? Many offer Valentine's-Day-under-the-stars-type events, offering you a special opportunity to search the stars and enjoy Valentine's food, drink and other activities. In some areas, local hotels offer rooftop stargazing events, which get you above some of the city lights that otherwise make star viewing difficult.

At planetarium events, you may lack the freedom to explore the night sky at your leisure as the organizers probably have the viewing schedule already planned. But any rooftop event could be perfect for finding a certain star if you have a pair of binoculars or telescope handy. Depending on the weather, location of the rooftop event, and constellation-viewing season, you may be even able to spot your gift star.



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