Finding the Best Stargazing Spots

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What are the best places for star viewing?

Finding the Best Stargazing Spots

Where is the best stargazing? For those that live in rural areas outside major cities, sometimes the best spot is right in the back yard… provided there isn't a lot of light pollution from nearby schools, streetlamps or other sources of nighttime light. Those that live in the city or in an area where there's too much light should try to find a public park, forest preserve, or a quiet spot near a lake or beach to get a better view of the night sky.

If you buy a star for someone who lives in the city, consider making their gift easier to appreciate by creating a local map with good stargazing areas clearly marked. Any public park with night hours may be a good spot, and if a local college has an observatory or telescope, chances are good that area is also ideal for stargazing.

Also consider old (or active) drive-in movie theaters. These areas are also great for star viewing, as they generally required a dark area to effectively project movies.



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