Star Gazing and Telescope Alternatives

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Do I need a telescope to start star gazing?

Star Gazing and Telescope Alternatives

After answering, “where can I buy a star,” ask yourself, “how can I see my star.” Veteran astronomers typically use a telescope. Beginners may want to go another route. In fact, many astronomy experts recommend naked-eye astronomy as the gateway to "assisted viewing" through telescopes.

However, for those intent on viewing the stars with the help of a lens, a pair of borrowed binoculars can be just as effective for the beginner stargazer. In fact, some prefer to use binoculars because they allow for the use of both eyes. Night stargazing can be tricky for newcomers not used to peering through the single-eyepiece telescope, so binoculars are great for getting familiar with the stars. In addition, eyestrain is less likely when using binoculars.

When using any kind of scope or lens, don't forget to close your eyes for a time to get used to the dark. If you observe near dusk or dawn, never point a telescope or binoculars at the sun.



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