Star Gazing and Night Vision

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What can I do to improve my night vision for star gazing?

Star Gazing and Night Vision

When searching for the celestial body listed on your star certificate, understand that night vision is extremely important. Night vision helps you see deeper into the sky even without the use of a telescope. If you haven't thought much about your ability to see in the dark, stargazing will soon make you aware of both your abilities and limitations.

Astronomers recommend a balanced diet, as poor nutrition can affect your ability to see well in the dark. They also recommend avoiding alcohol and smoking for best star gazing results, since both interfere with the body's ability to adjust your eyes to the dark.

There are other external factors, as well. Bright lights interfere with your night vision, including street lamps and headlights.

It's good to find a dark spot, close your eyes and let them adjust to the darkness before you start searching the heavens.



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