Purchasing Stars in Bulk

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Should I buy stars in bulk?

Purchasing Stars in Bulk

The frugal understand that anything worth purchasing regularly is worth purchasing in bulk to save both money and effort. The same holds true for any star gift you may want to provide as part of an employee incentive/rewards program.

Star name companies like Name a Star Live do allow companies to buy stars in bulk, making them both easy and thoughtful personalized corporate gifts. Considering there are more than 70 sextillion known stars in the universe according to Australian astronomers (that's seven followed by 22 zeros), the universe has any bulk purchase covered.

When you buy stars in bulk, it's important to make sure you have a reference file with the names and proper spellings of your gift recipients, and don't forget to consider the extras available with star purchases. Companies like Name a Star Live offer comprehensive gift packages, which might include an astrophoto, which is a photo showing each gift star's constellation plus a special section featuring the star itself and any close neighbors.



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