Name a Star as a Promotion Gift

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Do stars make good promotion gifts?

Name a Star as a Promotion Gift

Why not buy stars as employee recognition awards? Consider it a literal star for your office's figurative rising star. This unique gift idea is one your new promotees won't be expecting, and the symbolic nature of star gifts leaves an impression that won't soon be forgotten.

The symbolic gift may also go very far in motivating employees who might otherwise be taken for granted. In fact, according to a poll of 1,000 full-time employees by the business-consulting firm Maritz, only 27 percent of employees who appreciate such gestures receive them when deserved. Taking that into account, it seems many businesses are tone deaf when it comes to rewards programs.

Ideally, a corporation could double the impact of a star gift presentation with a recognition event. Even a few minutes spent announcing the promotion could suffice. According to the same poll, only 30 percent of employees who appreciate a recognition event receive one when warranted.



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