Things to Remember When You Buy Your Own Star

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What can I see with a telescope that I can't with my naked eye?

Things to Remember When You Buy Your Own Star

When you buy your own star and set out to identify it in the night sky, first consider finding its general area without the aid of a telescope.

Naked eye astronomy is a great way to learn facts about stars including their location, their colors, and where they fit into the constellation. However, there is only so much you can see. Soon, you'll want to graduate to telescope viewing, where you can see more detail in the sky.

Some stars appear only faintly even in a telescope; don't let that deter you from exploring them as some of the most fascinating objects in the sky are those that seem to be the farthest away.

Another thing you'll learn as you gaze at the stars is that they are seasonal. You have winter, summer, spring, and fall viewing opportunities. Some seasons allow you to see famous meteor showers because the Earth's orbit around the sun periodically brings us into trails of meteors flying through space that burn up in the Earth's atmosphere and produce beautiful displays of shooting stars. You can also see different planets throughout the year.



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